Our Story

Bear-Creek-Beef-Twins-Boys Our cattle and hogs on Bear Creek Farm are born and raised on 2,000 scenic acres near Leipers Fork, Tenn., in pastoral valleys of rich farmland amid gently rolling hills. The Cherry family has a long history here; we’ve raised cattle and hogs on this land along Bear Creek for more than 30 years, and we remain a family business. Our adult children return during haying season to help us, and our teenaged twins drive the tractor and cut hay. Even Bill’s father, who has a large farm of his own, helps out. We began raising all-natural Angus beef and heritage hogs as consumers started asking for healthy, wholesome meat that doesn’t contain hormones or antibiotics. They want to know where their food comes from and that it’s safe. At Bear Creek, we graze our animals on land that we know like the back of our hand and we feed them hay grown on that very land. We grain finish our beef with corn and soybeans grown by our neighbors who share our views on food safety. Bear-Creek-Beef-Twins-Girls We raise Black Angus here at Bear Creek Farm because, quite simply, they produce the best beef. It’s an older, established breed, so the genetics have been set and you know the kind of meat you’re going to get: tender and flavorful. We raise Berkshire and Duroc hogs that produce beautiful red pork and wonderful marbling. Conventional farming calls for purchasing and raising animals based on how fast and big they can grow. But as we built our herd, we purchased bulls for quality and outstanding genetics that would produce better-marbled and tender meat. We strive for quality and the highest level of standards rather than volume.

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